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Why I am a Spiritualist ?
                                                      by Linda Bragg

I have been pushed by one of my guides to stand up and share how I came to know that I am a spiritualist and what it means to me.

I have spent most of my life with a guide named Loeanne, she was my childhood “secret friend”. She looks like a old time flapper and tells me how I could have done something differently and sometimes gives me a “good girl”.  Like so many other people, I thought I must be crazy listening to a voice in my head and as a child I was told this many times by the adults around me. She has been with me through all the paths I have wandered down.

I spent my early years in a Baptist family; headed by a father who was both a racist and a bigot. This confused me so much I decided I didn't want that kind of life. How do you love God and not all his people? I still love him. It is possible to love a person and not everything they do.

In my mid 20's I found Edgar Cayce and spent a few years learning everything I could about the spirit world and what it could do for a person. It was my first exposure to mediumship, the Fox sisters, Madam Browoksy and the Swedenborg Church that was in the town I lived in at that time. (Loeanne loved this time period). Then in my 30's I took a step back into the Baptist life. I was a Sunday School teacher and chairperson of Vacation Bible School for several years. I let one person with a bad attitude drive me away over night. I have never gone back down that path. It is no longer something I feel I can work with, but again it was a needed learning experience.

I floated around without any spiritual guidance except what I was exposed to in AA for several years until l was drawn into Wicca. This trip lasted over 10 years. During that time Franklin came into my life. He is the complete opposite to Loeanne, who is just a tiny little thing. He is a huge guy built like a football player, with a crew cut, but he wears a three piece gray pinstripe suit all the time and tells me he is here to protect me from myself. If nothing else my guides have a sense of humor.

Several months ago I was drawn to a Medium Fair up here. The next day I came to my first service and was overwhelmed with the feeling that I was home. I have been truly happy here. In fact since that time a third guide has let himself be known. He is a Scottish warrior from the 1600s who says he is an ancester from the Bagby branch of my father's family named Shamus and tells me he is my “taskmaster”. He is a great teacher and does give me a little kick in the behind to make a point.

I now allow myself the time to spend with these guides and my animal guides, Snow Owl and Dragonfly. Red Fox has came to me in several dreams recently so I feel like I should honor her also. The other night my dream was so clear I felt like I was fox. It started with me walking through the trees over to a lake. I lifted my nose up and felt the cool breeze on my face as I looked at the full moon then at its reflection on the lake. It was like I was there not just watching it.

I no longer feel guilty taking the time to meditate. In fact I have taken up writing down some of the meditations that come to me and some day may put them into a booklet of some kind. Sometimes I have posted random snippets on Facebook.

Recently I have come to resent any happening that makes me feel that I am being made fun of or attacked for these beliefs. I was at coffee with a person that has been my friend ever since I have lived in Maine, but from whom I have been drawing away from because I no longer feel comfortable with her. Anyway she made a statement something like “Well now that you believe in all that spiritualist stuff what do you see around me?” To which I immediately replied. “I can't just see things on demand. This is not a parlour trick” That had to come from a source other then myself because I don't normally talk that way, but it is exactly how I feel.

I am stretching myself outside of myself to become more trusting when practicing the new skills I have been opened up to. I kick myself for not seeing this path sooner. But I guess I just had to go through all the above to become ready to accept all the works now available to me through the spirit.

When I am working a healing chair I feel honored that the spirit can work through me to bring help to someone else. I know that it is not something that I am doing that I am just the instrument. And I get help at the same time. I am starting to receive spirit messages for other people but they usually come in like shots of lightening and are short and vivid. They make one point and one point only then desert me as soon as they hit unless I hold on firmly. With practice I hope to be able to be more in depth. But actually I feel much more in my nitch, healing and working with meditations then the messages. If I am meant to do messages then I know that I will be allowed to develop this skill also. Hopefully as I work the Morris Platt course I will develop even better skills and come to trust what I am feeling and doing.


I Believe
by Debra Howe

All I’ve ever known was if you are not saved or baptized you’d be damned to hell for eternity. Whoever was behind the pulpit would always put you on a guilt trip. 
Even though I have been saved several times and baptized I still didn’t feel close to God. There were times I’d see the same person go up to be saved several times, almost every week. I would ask them later “why” they went up and it was they felt guilty, not because they felt God drawing them to be saved.

What left that big hole in my heart for God was I didn’t believe.

 As I went into my later years I found that I made choices that made my life harder.  I always found the wrong love. I always felt like I was in a dark place. I was quick to blame God for my mistakes. I wanted to go to college but never believed I was smart enough. I let myself believe the worse people said about me. Every dream I had ever had, I let myself shatter them because I didn’t believe.

 When I first came to this church I didn’t know what to expect. I had it in my head that it was going to be the same….BUT it wasn’t. I have turned my life over to God. I don’t worry about things that would have made me crazy.   Not only have I found a place that I can believe in, the church has become my second family. I feel in some way everyone here has become my teacher. I feel humbled that I am accepted.

 My Great- Grandparents were Mediums who went through their lives having people call them names or have a brick thrown through their window. Even though these same people would come running to find out if their future was okay.  My great - grandparents endured this because they believed. They believed so strongly that they never turned their backs on those people because they were being used as an instrument of God.

Now I want to embrace it, not back away or shy away from it. Some people may not believe me that I speak to my loved ones. But it doesn’t bother me anymore because I believe. I know that it is God’s way of using me as his instrument.

I have come to know if you believe then the world is truly a brighter place to be. You feel all the negative things that have followed you all your life start to float away. You feel the happiness that has always been there but you just couldn’t feel it.

To believe sometimes is scary and you tend to back away. But once you embrace it you wonder what in the world was wrong with me. Your choices change, your attitude changes, the sun shines more than not, and even though I may still have days I wish I had never gotten out of bed  I don’t have the gloom and doom hanging over me like before. Every day is a new beginning and it’s my choice how I receive it. Every day is a new healing because I believe.

It’s like a great quote I recently came across that I will always keep with me in my heart….“Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas.Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I will never give my consent again. Because I believe in myself.

I’d like to share a poem with you. I asked God to help me pick a poem that I would share. She did a great job as always.

A Time To Believe
by B.J. Morbitzer

To believe is to know that
every day is a new beginning.
Is to trust that miracles happen,
and dreams really do come true.
To believe is to see angels
dancing among the clouds,
To know the wonder of a stardust sky
and the wisdom of the man in the moon.
To believe is to know the value of a nurturing heart,
The innocence of a child's eyes
and the beauty of an aging hand,
for it is through their teachings we learn to love.
To believe is to find the strength
and courage that lies within us
When it's time to pick up
the pieces and begin again.
To believe is to know
we are not alone,
That life is a gift
and this is our time to cherish it.
To believe is to know
that wonderful surprises are just
waiting to happen,
And all our hopes and dreams are within reach.

If only we believe

What is Spiritual Healing ?
                                                   by Richard Sabine Jr.

Ok before I start with my talk.   We need to answer this question. What is spiritual healing? it means this:
Spiritual healing is a term that corresponds to a number of alternative practices that all focus on restoring wellness of the mind, body and spirit. 

Today, I am going to talk to you about some Spiritual healing that has happened to me, since I became a spiritualist. I need to talk a little about my fight with cancer, which brought me to a life of happiness and peace. Before cancer, I did not have religion in my life. After my diagnosis, the Spirits kept moving me into my life path guiding me towards a more healthy way of life. This is the life journey that I am on now.

Since this life change, I have grown – in maturity, spiritually, physically and most of all emotionally. Ok before I start with my talk. I need to tell you, this is the hardest thing I have done in my life. I have some great ideas that I want to talk about. But, the spirit world has a different thing they want to talk about today. So as most of you know I love to pick a fight and I will not back down.

Well now I am going to talk about my journey.
 Growth- Maturity:
 I’ve been getting spiritual messages for some time now, but I was not listening to them. And when I do not listen to them, they start hitting me in the head with a spiritual 2x4, if I do not get it, they move up to something bigger. To tell you the truth they’re hitting me with a 4 x4 now. So by now my head is in pain, and bleeding, big time. Ok, on with what they want me to say to all of you, and also to me. This way they will stop hitting me in the head with the 4x4 until the next lesson.

On September 3, 2011, I went to see my sister Val who most of you know. We went to a spiritual shop, in Freeport. When we got into the parking lot, Val saw a sign that said who was the medium that day. Well lo and behold it was a friend of mine, her name is Kat.  I asked for a 15 min reading from her and she told me that I need to work on my childhood issues.  

Well now I needed to know - what my childhood issues are so I can work on them, and what I need to do to resolve them. I do not want to go up to someone from my past and tell them I have an issue with them from a long, long, long time ago.
 Guess what, the great creator was hitting me with a spiritual 2x4. Yet again I was not comfortably listening to him\her. 

I think I need to explain what I mean by this. Here was the 1st sign- 
My friends were telling me that I needed to work on my childhood issues. The second sign was that a good friend of mine came over for class that night. She came in alone.  I was surprised because I am used to her arriving with her life partner. So being a wise guy that I am, I asked her where “The Evil One” was. She told me that her partner was in the ER. And she explained what was going on with her. My heart sank to my feet and I felt like a big ass. Ok, back to my story.   At that point I start to worry about this friend. I thought about her during class and I was getting very negative. I took my frustration out on my mother. The other people in class saw that, I was in a bad place.

So after class, I went for one of my famous walks and started to think about what had just happened. Then I figured out what was wrong. I never had close friends until I started to go to church.  I realized that by calling her “the evil one”, I was using a defense mechanism I have built to keep others from getting close to me. I am afraid of getting hurt which has happened to me my whole life. 

Now, I do have family issues I need to work on.  Like over Thanksgiving weekend the whole family got together. Before I go on, I need to say I love my family dearly but I can not be around them for a long period of time. Because when I am afraid, I will fall in to their darkness.  Well that weekend, I just sat and watched my siblings talk and interact with each other. When the weekend was over, I was able to see that it was not just me, all us kids are very dysfunctional. We were all going after each other and reacting.  I feel this is due to how we were raised as children.  This is the major reason I was taking my frustrations out on Mom and Dad, they have always taught us kids to block our feelings.  Yes, there only has been a limited amount of tools to work with for all of us as kids and in raising our own kids.  

A very close friend sent this to me as she knows that I was fighting with this talk.
 From: Touchstones
A Book of Daily Meditations for Men
Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.
--Oscar Wilde
“The mature person eventually forgives his parents. Any adult can look back and see childhood wrongs and unfairness. Many of us were disappointed by our parents, even neglected or hurt by them. We certainly didn't get all we wanted or needed. Yet, upon joining the ranks of adults, we become responsible for ourselves. Every situation has limited choices, and we work with what we've got. As adults, we realize this is exactly where our parents were when we were children. They, too, were born into an imperfect world and had to do the best they could.
When we can forgive our parents, we are free to accept them as they are, as we might a friend. We can accept them, enjoy the relationship, and forget about collecting old debts. Making peace with them imparts to us the strengths of previous generations and helps us be more at peace with ourselves.”

I pray for the maturity and the wisdom to be more forgiving of my parents. 
I hope that I have seen what I need to work on each day. I will grow more, be a more spiritual and loveable person and that I will be able to stay on this path of life. 

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